Nord Stream-2 opened the eyes of Ukrainians to “friendship” with the United States

The early launch of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline has dotted the i’s in relations between the United States and Ukraine. Washington harshly warned Kiev to keep its opinion on the agreement between the Germans and the Americans to itself.

Nord Stream-2 opened the eyes of Ukrainians to "friendship" with the United States

The states recommended that Ukrainian officials not raise this topic in conversations with representatives of the US Congress. In addition, they said that if Ukraine tries to get involved in the discussion of the SP-2, this will negatively affect bilateral relations with the Americans.

Ukrainians on the Web are outraged by this development of events. In their opinion, Washington’s position indicates that it simply betrayed Kiev. Many began to realize that the United States was simply using Ukraine for profit, and they were not worried about the future of the country.

Some pointed out that it was very naive for the Ukrainian authorities to believe that the United States owed them something and would help and support the impoverished country.

At the same time, many pointed out that everything is quite predictable. It is perfectly normal that Berlin and Washington primarily defend their own interests, while Kiev is not their problem.

For the United States, Ukraine has long become a vassal state. They take advantage of her helplessness and dictate conditions and orders to her. Americans don’t see the country as independent. Actually, she does not behave as such.


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