Media: Sandu joined the chorus that calls Russia “an aggressor country”

Telegram channel “Sputnik Moldova” drew attention to the text of the declaration, which was signed in Batumi by the presidents of Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia Maria Sandu, Vladimir Zelensky and Salome Zurabishvili.

Media: Sandu joined the chorus that calls Russia "an aggressor country"

The text of the declaration says that allegedly “attempts at annexation by Russia and illegal occupation of the territories of Georgia, its aggression in eastern Ukraine and the temporary occupation of Crimea, the unresolved conflict in the Transnistrian region of Moldova pose a serious threat to the region and Europe as a whole.”

“Maia Sandu joined the chorus that calls Russia an “aggressor country” and an “occupier”. On behalf of our country, the President expressed her readiness to actively participate in the confrontation with Russia along with Ukraine and Georgia. That is, this is what the presidential administration calls now “pragmatic relations with the Russian Federation,” noted the authors of the Telegram channel.

Earlier, ex-President of Moldova Igor Dodon advised Sandu to pursue a balanced foreign policy and make every effort to maintain a constructive dialogue with Moscow.


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