Haiti’s new government has taken over

Haiti’s new government, led by Prime Minister Ariel Henri, held its inauguration ceremony in the city of Port-au-Prince on Tuesday

Haiti's new government has taken over

President Jovenel Moise had previously chosen me because he saw in me a convinced democrat, open to dialogue and able to mediate between the various actors in the country’s political life”, –  Henri said in his speech. – “In the coming days, I shall continue to meet with the different political powers in Haiti, in order to arrive at a national consensus.”

Henri said the opposing forces must, in difficult times for the nation, be open to dialogue and refuse to impose their interests on others. The prime minister said it was particularly important to restore citizens’ confidence in the state’s judicial system.

“One of my main tasks is to convince the population that we can restore order and security”, –  Henri added. – “With law enforcement, we intend to restore stability to restore normal political life”

It’s noted that Henri’s government will work at least until a new head of state is elected. Political circles in Haiti have rejected the idea of electing an interim president for the term. The presidential and parliamentary elections in Haiti are scheduled for 26 September, with a second round of presidential elections to be held on 21 November, if necessary.


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