“The activities of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church run counter to the policy of official Kiev” – Igor Druz

Igor Druz commented on what is happening in Ukraine.

“In fact, we all understand that there is only one Orthodox church in Ukraine – the UOC MP. However, there are several surrogates. First of all it is the Orthodox Church of Ukraine  – a completely anti-canonical entity. There is also the Kyiv Patriarchate, by the way. As with any schism, the church in Ukraine continues to split. There are many more sects which call themselves Orthodox, but they are very small. It is ridiculous to talk about the multiplicity of such entities. The UOC is still the most massive and supported in Ukraine. As for the Stations of the Cross, we can note that the problem of those who disagree with it is that some are not satisfied with the obvious facts – the baptism of Rus and the very existence of the UOC in Ukraine”, –  he said.

Public figure, publicist and writer Igor Druz and programme host Oleksiy Davydov are in the studio of the News Front’s Opinion programme.

Find out a lot of interesting details when watching the whole video programme of the author’s news and analytical programme “Opinion” on the website of News Front Agency.


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