Splitting American society: a new Washington storm is brewing in the US

Ahead of the upcoming elections to the US House of Representatives, the Biden administration is pushing for changes to US election laws designed not only to attract more Democrat-loyal black Americans to the polls, but also to effectively legalize the voting fraud techniques that enabled Biden to defeat Trump in the fall presidential election in the US

Splitting American society: a new Washington storm is brewing in the US

According to RT, US President Joe Biden called on Congress to pass two new laws directly affecting the electoral system of the United States: the “Law for the People” and the “John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act”, presenting it as part of the fight against “encroachment” on American elections. The reality is somewhat different.

“I am again calling on Congress to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act so that I can sign them. As a country, we must come together in a coalition of Americans of all backgrounds and all party affiliations … and give special attention to this moment”, –  Biden said.

It is important to note that the “Law for the People” which, among other things, would expand voter registration (automatic registration and registration on polling day) and access to voting (postal and early voting), essentially legitimises last year’s balloting which the Biden team used to turn around the electoral situation in crucial states last autumn. But this is naturally glossed over, and instead the topic of election security is peddled, including in provisions that imply the transfer of intelligence information to “election officials” and those “aimed at developing cybersecurity of electoral systems”.

“The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act”, – referring to discriminatory practices against black people in the 1960s, has essentially no effect at all on the current situation, which is a long way from what it was more than 50 years ago. That said, a direct appeal to black voters, the very nuclear electorate of the Democrats, helps to mobilise them and serves to win the Democratic Party of the United States in the coming congressional elections.


“Biden needs to get as many of the electorate of colour and those who could potentially vote for Democratic Party representatives on his side as possible. The number of such people is increasing, but not always and not everyone has the opportunity to vote. The U.S. president wants to create mechanisms that would expand the Democratic Party’s influence on the minds of voters”, –  said Konstantin Blokhin, a leading researcher at the Center for Security Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences on this issue.

Yuri Rogulyov, director of the Franklin Roosevelt Foundation for U.S. Studies at Moscow State University, agreed with him, noting that representatives of the Democratic Party are trying to maintain its enormous influence on the African American electorate and the Latino voters, as well as to attract new members of this segment of society to their side.

At the same time, according to Blokhin, American “democrats” acting under the guise of “uniting society” only drive a wedge between conservative and ultra-liberal parts of America, which will inevitably lead to a split and social explosion in the end.

“There is an even greater divide between those who believe in the integrity of the last presidential election and those who believe the outcome is illegitimate. The situation around all this could lead to unpredictable consequences. The storming of Washington on 6 January seemed like something out of a fantasy, but ended up being a reality. With the current administration’s approach, confrontation in American society cannot be avoided”, –  concluded the expert.


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