EU conflict with Hungary and Poland – an intra-EU story

A Russian senator has commented on Donald Tusk’s attempts to drag Russia into Brussels’ confrontation with Budapest and Warsaw

EU conflict with Hungary and Poland - an intra-EU story

In his tg-channel, prominent publicist Alexey Pushkov advised former European Council chief Donald Tusk not to drag Russia into a purely internal conflict in the European Union.

“The former head of the European Council, the Pole Donald Tusk, is trying in vain to drag Russia into Brussels’ conflict with Budapest and Warsaw. We have nothing to do with it. And on Tusk’s part this is a primitive attempt to play on the Russian factor, just as British Prime Minister Cameron once tried to blame Russia for the Brexit vote. But just as Brexit was a purely British story, as its supporter Boris Johnson has said more than once, so the conflict between the EU and Hungary and Poland is an intra-EU story. Instead of inappropriately involving Russia, Tusk should have urged Brussels to be more tolerant towards Budapest and Warsaw. Is tolerance no longer a fundamental value of the European Union?”, –  said Pushkov.


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