The National Interest recognizes Russia’s military superiority in confrontation with NATO

The modern weapons and new technologies of the Russian armed forces pose a threat to the West.

The National Interest recognizes Russia's military superiority in confrontation with NATO

The threat of a Soviet invasion of the European continent spurred large-scale US deployments in Germany, an increase in nuclear weapons production, and a number of well-known American innovations, including the Abrams tank, Apache attack helicopter, B-2 and F-15 bomber.

Today, Russia’s ground forces may be slightly smaller than they were during the Cold War, but still the technological complexity of its weapon platforms such as the Su-57 fighter, the T-14 Armata tank and the S-400 air defense system, not to mention hypersonic missiles and tactical nuclear weapons pose an entirely new and serious threat to the United States and NATO.

According to, the Russian military has about a million active duty personnel and up to two million reserve forces. During the Cold War, the Russian army had between three and four million people, but Moscow’s current forces are of serious concern today.


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