US pledges millions for data on hackers “under the control of other countries”

The US State Department is ready to pay$ 10 million as a reward for information on hackers who work for other countries and are involved in attacks on American critical infrastructure. This is stated in a message published on the website of the Awards for Justice program.

US pledges millions for data on hackers "under the control of other countries"

The money is offered for “information that will lead to the location of persons involved in criminal activity in cyberspace and under the control of other countries.”

The US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said earlier that Washington is ready to prosecute any hackers operating from abroad if this issue is not taken up by the authorities of the countries to which the Americans turn.
Fighting cybercrime was one of the topics of discussion between the Russian and American presidents during their meeting in Geneva on June 16.

Then Joe Biden handed over to Vladimir Putin a list of sectors of the American economy that are critical for cyberattacks, and proposed to agree on cooperation between countries in this area.

In turn, Vladimir Putin said that the parties will begin to hold consultations on the topic of cybersecurity.
According to the Russian leader, in 2020, Moscow received ten requests for hacker attacks from the United States and responded to them. In turn, Washington did not respond to any of 45 similar Russian requests.


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