Ukraine demands compensation for Turkish Stream

Director of the Kiev Center for Global Studies “Strategy XXI” Oksana Ishchuk said that Ukraine should negotiate with the EU on “compensation” for losses due to the “Turkish Stream”.

Ukraine demands compensation for Turkish Stream

She recalled that the construction of an interconnector on the Serbian-Hungarian border has been completed, thanks to which Hungary will be able to receive Russian gas through Serbia and Bulgaria, bypassing Ukraine – through the Turkish Stream.

According to her, for Ukraine this means a loss of 10-12 billion cubic meters of gas transit per year.

“In terms of money, it will roughly cost Ukraine $ 450 million,” Ischuk said.

The director of the center added that at present, gas is supplied to the south through Ukraine only to Moldova.
She came to the conclusion that, judging by the dynamics of transit volumes, when the Yamal-Europe, Nord Stream-1 and

Turkish Stream pipelines are fully loaded, the Ukrainian GTS will perform the function of “balancing capacity in the event of fluctuations in gas demand or technical restrictions on other pipelines”.

Ischuk noted that the EU should discuss “compensation for the loss of transit in the southern direction.” And she blamed Bulgaria, Hungary and Serbia for “losses”.


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