“This summer”: The White House does not name a specific date for Zelensky’s visit to Washington

As a result of a press briefing on the website of the US White House, a statement appeared that the Biden administration did not name a specific date for the visit of the President of Ukraine to Washington, limiting itself to the phrase “this summer.”

"This summer": The White House does not name a specific date for Zelensky's visit to Washington

“When the president spoke to President Zelensky this summer, he invited him to visit Washington this summer. We have never specified in what month this will take place, and we are still awaiting President Zelensky’s visit to the White House this summer, but we cannot yet announce a date”, – the message says.

According to the TG channel Klymenko Time, the White House’s clarification of the timing is a very important point. Because earlier, the date of the meeting in July was announced by President Zelensky on his Twitter. And Foreign Minister Kuleba specified that it would be the end of July. It seems that rumors that the American side wants to postpone Zelensky’s trip to a date after August 2 are true.


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