“You have to do your homework”: French ambassador talks about the difficulties of Ukraine’s accession to NATO

French ambassador to Ukraine Etienne de Ponsin has said that there is no consensus yet among North Atlantic Alliance countries to grant Ukraine a Membership Action Plan (MAP)

"You have to do your homework": French ambassador talks about the difficulties of Ukraine's accession to NATO

“The consensus right now, as I said, is to implement what exists, which has already been stated, particularly in the final communiqué of the NATO summit in Brussels. So let us do our homework and not open a perspective that is not yet realistic”, –  the ambassador said.

He noted that the North Atlantic Alliance now prefers Ukraine’s actions within the framework of the enlarged partnership that was agreed last year. Consequently, Kiev should focus on the internal reform process.

According to German political scientist Andreas Umland, Ukraine cannot be made a member of NATO while it is “in a situation of war with a nuclear superpower”. The expert stressed that the country’s accession to the Alliance is “doomed to failure” and distracts Kiev from looking for more productive and realistic solutions to improve the country’s security.


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