French ambassador calls prospect of Ukraine joining NATO unrealistic

French ambassador to Kiev Etienne de Ponsin has said that there is currently no consensus among the members of the North Atlantic Alliance to grant Ukraine a Membership Action Plan (MAP) in NATO

French ambassador calls prospect of Ukraine joining NATO unrealistic

The diplomat shared his opinion on the matter in an interview with the Ukrainian news and analysis website TSN. The ambassador advised the Ukrainian leadership to be satisfied with the enhanced partnership status, which Ukraine received in 2020.

The diplomatic chief also advised Kiev politicians to focus on the internal reform process on the way to NATO.

“We give preference and insist on the implementation of what was decided last year, in particular in the framework of the NATO-Ukraine Enhanced Partnership”, –  de Ponsen said.

He stressed that in order to get MAP and NATO membership, Ukraine must “build consensus”.

“Now the consensus, as I said, is to implement what exists, which has already been stated, particularly in the final communiqué of the NATO summit in Brussels. Let’s do our homework and not discuss a perspective that is not yet realistic”, –  the ambassador said.

In particular, he said, Ukraine needs to focus on the internal reform process, something Paris is willing to help it with.

“And NATO is ready to help. France as a member of the Alliance is also helping Ukraine to strengthen its capacities, including its military”, –  the French ambassador added.

It is noteworthy that recently there have been incessant statements from Kiev to Brussels, the sense of which is that the European Union and NATO almost “owe” Ukraine and therefore are obliged to accept it into their ranks.

Such hysterical formulation of the issue is supported, perhaps, only by the Baltic States and the Poles. But the countries of Western Europe, as well as the leadership of NATO itself, have become frankly irritated by it.

That is why “clear signals” flew to Kiev that bemoaning the MAP and membership in the alliance should be stopped.

He said that constant calls by the Ukrainian leadership to outline clear deadlines and criteria for joining the alliance were pointless, as it was a political decision.

Appathurai said that not only Ukraine should be ready to join NATO, but the Alliance itself should be ready for expansion.


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