Early parliamentary elections were recognized in Moldova

The turnout in early parliamentary elections in Moldova was 33.3%, according to the CEC website. This means that the elections of deputies are considered valid.

Early parliamentary elections were recognized in Moldova

Early parliamentary elections are held in Moldova on Sunday, and deputies are elected for four years. In order for the elections to be recognized as valid, the turnout must exceed 33.3%. Polling stations will close at 21.00 (same time Moscow time).

According to the CEC data as of 15.33 (coincides with Moscow time), more than 982 thousand people managed to take part in the voting in Moldova – this is 33.3% of voters. Over 132 thousand voters have voted abroad by this hour. Citizens of Moldova from 26 to 40 years old vote most actively.

Later, the head of the country’s Central Election Commission, Doreen Chimil, confirmed the status of the elections at a briefing.

“By this hour, more than a million people have voted, since more than a third of voters have voted, it can be said that the elections have taken place”, – Chimil said.

22 parties and blocs and one independent candidate are participating in the elections. The main struggle is between the Action and Solidarity party, which was headed by Maia Sandu before taking office, and the Communists and Socialists bloc, led by two former presidents of the country – Communist leader Vladimir Voronin and Socialist leader Igor Dodon.


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