American colonel admits NATO’s powerlessness in front of Russia and China

Mark Ganzinger, a former US Air Force Colonel, wrote a note for Defense News explaining why NATO would not be able to counter Russia and China.

American colonel admits NATO's powerlessness in front of Russia and China

He noted that the strategy chosen by the Pentagon was deliberately wrong. Instead of improving the quality of the army and weapons, the States simply began to increase the number of soldiers and equipment.

The colonel is confident that if it comes to an open military conflict, American troops will not be able to repel the attacks of Russia or China. The US armed forces are simply not able to protect the state.

The expert noted that in order to confront such a scale and with such rivals, the Americans must be capable of large-scale and high-precision strikes and an offensive deep into foreign territory.

For this, the United States needs fifth-generation bombers and fighters. And during the Cold War, Americans scrapped 66% of their cars.


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