Italian infectious disease specialists highly commended Sputnik V

Italian scientists from the Lazzaro Spallanzani National Institute of Infectious Diseases in Rome have concluded that the Russian vaccine Sputnik V gives a good immune response, which, in turn, helped with the high efficiency of vaccination in San Marino

Italian infectious disease specialists highly commended Sputnik V

According to EA, the institute representatives also noted that the vaccination campaign in San Marino began on February 25, and by the end of May both doses of vaccine were already received by 63.5% of residents of the state. And of the 44,600 doses used in the country, almost 38,600 (about 87%) were for Sputnik V, and another 6,000 for the Pfizer product.

“Preliminary data from the current antibody formation study on a representative sample of almost 1,000 people who voluntarily vaccinated with Sputnik V show that seroconversion has been achieved, i.e. Thus, the Russian vaccine showed increased immunogenicity, and these data in general confirm that the vaccination in San Marino was highly effective”, – said the scientists.

In the future, they plan to study the ability of Sputnik V and the antibodies produced by its use to fight different strains of the coronavirus.

In May, Alessandra Bruschi, director of the San Marino Higher Institute of Health, told TASS that tourists from all over the world were coming to the republic to get vaccinated with the Russian vaccine.


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