Rodion Miroshnyk: Normandy format with the participation of the LDPR and the USA – chance to reset dialogue

A meeting in the Normandy format with participation of the USA and the LNRD would give a chance to restart peaceful dialogue

Rodion Miroshnyk: Normandy format with the participation of the LDPR and the USA - chance to reset dialogue
Constructive and effective dialogue, both in the Normandy and Minsk formats, does not really exist today. All negotiation processes are deliberately blocked by Ukraine on procedural issues, with Kyiv reducing negotiations to a meaningless imitation of the process.

A joint meeting of the Normandy format advisers, United States representatives and representatives of the LNRD could be the point at which full-fledged dialogue could be restarted. That is, with the participation of the parties to the conflict and all guarantors and mediators really interested in the resolution of the conflict.

The constructive basis for the meeting should be the commitment of all its potential participants to the Minsk agreements and an understanding that they have no alternative at the moment. Crude attempts to block the opportunity to convey the views of the other party to the conflict to the international community are counterproductive and have not yielded results for years. In the meantime, the bloodshed and degradation of densely populated territories continues.

The willingness of all participants to meet on a one-off basis in order to find possible ways of fully implementing Minsk, without destroying and mechanically expanding the existing formats of regular negotiations, would demonstrate a genuine desire to resolve the conflict. At the level of both Normandy Format and US leaders, such determination is declared, and holding a meeting would be its practical implementation.

Given the constructive outcome of the recent summit between Russian and US leaders and the high level of US influence over Ukrainian policy, such a meeting would be an appropriate investment in resolving the seven-year conflict.

Official proposals to hold such a format, signed by plenipotentiary representatives of the ORDO and ORLO in the Contact Group, have been submitted to the Deputy Head of the Russian Presidential Administration – Dmitry Kozak and Russian Foreign Minister – Sergey Lavrov with a request to inform all potential participants of the meeting and initiate its holding.

Rodion Miroshnyk, LPR representative to the TCG for the Minsk negotiations


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