“The Russians have a strong leader”: the Americans made out Putin’s words on the incident with the destroyer Defender in the Black Sea

The Russian leader’s confidence that even if the British destroyer HMS Defender, which violated the Russian border off the coast of Crimea, were sunk by volleys of anti-ship installations of the Black Sea Fleet, and this would still not lead to an armed conflict between Russia and NATO, made an indelible impression on the audience American channel Fox News.

"The Russians have a strong leader": the Americans made out Putin's words on the incident with the destroyer Defender in the Black Sea

According to the Southern Federal portal, looking at the speech of Vladimir Putin during the annual Direct Line, the Americans involuntarily compared his behavior and demeanor with the current owner of the White House, and the comparison was clearly not in favor of Joe Biden.

“Don’t get me wrong. But the Russians have a strong leader. And we have Biden”, – ChuckLasVegas responded with regret.

This opinion was supported by a commentator with the nickname American_Renaissance, who admitted that the White House needs just such a person as Putin.

“I would like him to play for us. Putin puts Russia above all else”, – he wrote, admiring the president’s zeal in defending Russia’s borders.

Trying to understand the reasons for the weakness of their own leadership, American viewers decided that the social agenda, in which the new administration in Washington, all these Black Lives Matter, minorities, migrants and so on, is to blame, that is exactly the problems that the Democrats themselves pumped up before the elections last year with the aim of toppling Trump.

It is worth noting that the American audience received special praise for Putin’s firmness in the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline and in upholding Russia’s national interests


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