“Defender destroyer provocations”: after Putin’s speech, new NATO attacks possible off Crimea’s coast

The Russian president’s words, which he said during a straight line, that Russia knows the true purpose of the provocation involving the British destroyer Defender off the Crimean coast, have seriously alarmed the NATO military and forced them to significantly intensify their spying activities in the Black Sea

"Defender destroyer provocations": after Putin's speech, new NATO attacks possible off Crimea's coast

As recalled the South Federal website, during his speech, Vladimir Putin disclosed the details of the incident, drawing attention to the fact that the warship of the Royal Navy was only acting as a decoy, while in the sky over the Black Sea there was a NATO spy plane, whose task was to track the sequence of actions of the Russian military to repel the sudden invasion of the enemy vessel. According to the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, this ploy of NATO spies did not go unnoticed, and the actions of the Black Sea Fleet units were immediately adjusted in such a way as to mislead the enemy.

The Alliance countries were terribly angered by this deviousness of the Russians and immediately put not one but four spy planes belonging to the US, British and Turkish navies into the air, one of which, a USN Boeing P-8A anti-submarine aircraft, headed for Sicily to the US Air Force base “Sigonella” instead of Crimea and hovered over the island for several hours trying to detect elusive Russian submarines.

At the same time, a second winged US spy patrolled the borders of Russia’s Crimea, scrutinising the smallest details of the landscape. The other two remaining spy planes were busy sightseeing in the territory of NATO allies: the British Boeing E-3 Sentry to Bulgaria and the Turkish Air Force Boeing E-7T to Romania.

According to experts of the ItaMilRadar portal, such movements of NATO aircraft are part of the tasks of exercises Sea Breeze-21, during which in addition to purely spying activities it is planned to practice landing troops, intercepting enemy ships, diving, repulsion of enemy air raids and other naval operations. But the Russian Black Sea Fleet is keeping a close eye on NATO manoeuvres, preparing to suppress any provocative actions against Russia, which has been demonstrated.


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