Chinese Foreign Ministry calls US report on “China’s failure to combat human trafficking” defamatory

Foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin suggested the United States rethink its own problems, “among which is genocide”
Chinese Foreign Ministry calls US report on "China's failure to combat human trafficking" defamatory

Chinese authorities believe a US State Department report on human trafficking that lists China as a country that fails to meet US standards is defamatory. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said on Friday.

“We are strongly against the US side blaming China based on lies and gossip”, –  he stressed at the briefing. – “This clearly shows the United States’ desire to slander our country under the pretext of addressing human rights issues.”

The diplomat said Washington “does not have the competence” to call the PRC a country that does not meet standards in the fight against international human trafficking.

“The US should rethink its own problems, among which are genocide, racial discrimination and forced labor”, –  Wang Wenbin added.

He stressed that the world community together with China expects the United States “to correct its mistakes and abandon its criminal actions”.

On Thursday, the State Department released its annual report on human trafficking, categorising China as a country whose actions fail to meet US standards. Along with China, 16 countries were listed, including Russia, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Iran, Cuba, Nicaragua, Syria and Turkmenistan. At the same time, Belarus was excluded from the list.


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