Russia and the United States have common interests, but the ways to achieve them are different

The US President Joe Biden, speaking during a videoconferencing event of the US Democratic National Committee for fundraising, said:

Russia and the United States have common interests, but the ways to achieve them are different

“I made it clear to President [Vladimir] Putin in Russia that relations with America must be stable and predictable, and we must be able to work wherever we have interests – on nuclear nonproliferation and climate change”.

The issue of nuclear weapons is a key issue in Russian-American relations, since strategic nuclear parity is maintained between the countries, which is the key to peace on the planet.

The issue of nonproliferation of nuclear weapons is important for both Russia and the United States. If we talk about the resumption of the so-called nuclear deal with Iran, then both Russia and the United States are against Tehran’s possession of nuclear weapons.

However, Moscow and Washington have different approaches to Iran. Russia, unlike the United States, respects Iran’s sovereignty and its right to independent development and opposes the introduction of various sanctions against this country. The nuclear deal with Iran could be resumed as soon as possible if Washington, which left it unilaterally, simply lifted all the sanctions imposed against Tehran and returned to the agreement without any additional conditions.

Thus, the goals of the United States and Russia on nuclear nonproliferation are the same, but the ways to achieve these goals are fundamentally different. And if we talk about the effectiveness of solving the problem of nuclear nonproliferation, then using the Russian approach, you can get the result much faster.

It is another matter that the United States is cunning and, along with the task of nonproliferation of nuclear weapons, is solving the problem of containing Iran, including in the interests of its closest ally in the Middle East, Israel.

Elena Panina


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