Bulgarian expert: British provocation is a danger for all countries of the Black Sea region

In an exclusive commentary for the Bulgarian editorial office of News Front, Chairman of the Bulgarian National Council, Doctor of Philosophy Nako Stefanov stressed the need for all countries of the Black Sea region to respond to the dangerous British provocation with a destroyer that invaded the territorial waters of the Russian Federation near the Crimean Cape Fiolent.

Bulgarian expert: British provocation is a danger for all countries of the Black Sea region

The Bulgarian expert noted that such actions pose a direct threat to the peace of the entire region, and if they are not condemned and stopped, the consequences can be catastrophic.

“The provocation carried out by the British destroyer, which we have witnessed, is a very serious threat against peace in the entire Black Sea-Caspian region”.

Unfortunately, such a provocation is extremely dangerous, since it can lead not only to a serious confrontation, I would even say to an exchange of fire strikes, but also to the possibility of using so-called small tactical nuclear warheads, which poses a huge threat to all countries of the Black Sea region, including Bulgaria.

In this regard, we in the Bulgarian National Peace Council have long proposed to declare Bulgaria a “zone of peace”, just like the Black Sea. In this sense, the declaration of a “zone of peace” means that there should not be foreign bases, foreign military installations and other structures, warships and any other weapons.

What we are proposing in fact is that all countries belonging to this region sign an agreement. For example, if Bulgaria is declared a “zone of peace”, our neighbors sign a document with us, as well as with the Russian Federation, the United States, the EU, confirming their agreement to declare Bulgaria a “zone of peace” and not to have foreign bases here and, above all, not to participate in any joint exercises, which, as we have already seen, can lead to a serious military conflict in the region.

Such a thesis about “Bulgaria – a zone of peace” was proposed by the so-called “Left Union for a pure and holy republic” which adopted this thesis from the Bulgarian National Peace Council “Bulgaria and the Black Sea – a zone of peace”. This thesis was perceived as a platform of this political coalition not only in the election campaign, but also as a platform at the entrance to the Bulgarian parliament, which can become a platform for the political course of our country.

We condemn all such provocations and believe that they must be stopped, the division of Europe must be stopped, and the construction of a new separation wall in Europe must be stopped.

And especially in this respect, in my opinion, the role of Bulgaria is extremely important, because Bulgaria, although a member of NATO and the EU, is a country belonging to the Slavic-Orthodox Cyrillic civilization, moreover, Bulgaria is the mother of this Slavic-Orthodox Cyrillic civilization.

And from here follows our desire that Bulgaria would not be a trench, would not become a brick in this wall dividing Europe, on the contrary, Bulgaria would become a bridge for peaceful cooperation, friendship, and there would also be an opportunity to restore our fraternal relations with Russia – a country with which we are connected civilizationally, historically.


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