Macron wants to meet with Putin too

And I am ready to do this in isolation from the rest of the European Union.

Macron wants to meet with Putin too

According to Interfax-Ukraine, French President Emmanuel Macron said on Friday that it is not necessary to organize an EU-Russia summit for his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I don’t need an EU summit to meet with Putin”, –  Bloomberg quoted Macron as saying.

In addition, the French president welcomed the progress made by the leaders of the EU countries on a common approach towards Russia.

“Macron said he was pleased with the progress made on the EU’s strategy towards Russia“, –  Bloomberg informs.

According to the agency, speaking about the EU negotiations on Russia, Macron noted that they are complicated by “different stages of history.” On the eve of the agency reported that the leaders of the European Union at the summit in Brussels rejected the call of Germany and France to hold official talks with Putin.


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