Poland to propose EU mechanisms for joint response to hostile cyber attacks

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has indicated that he will talk about Russia’s policies in the context of hacker attacks at the European Union summit that begins

Poland to propose EU mechanisms for joint response to hostile cyber attacks
The Polish side will present information about cyber attacks that took place in the republic and will propose mechanisms of joint diplomatic response to such hostile actions at the start of the European Union summit. The Polish government said on Twitter on Thursday.

“Poland will present information in Brussels on the latest cyber attacks and will propose to use the means as part of a joint EU diplomatic response to hostile cyber attacks”, –  the statement said.

Earlier on arrival at the summit, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki indicated that he would speak at the meeting about Russian policy in the context of cyber attacks. He also informed that the topic will be reflected in the summit’s outcome document.

Polish authorities on Tuesday claimed that hacker attacks in the republic a fortnight ago could be linked to the activities of Russian secret services. Poland’s Internal Security Agency and Military Counterintelligence Service found that at least 4,350 e-mail addresses belonging to Polish citizens or operating on Polish e-mail services were on the list of targets of the UNC1151 social engineering attack. The list of compromised addresses includes more than 100 accounts used by persons performing public functions – members of the former and current government, deputies, senators and local authorities.

Western countries have previously repeatedly made allegations that Russia was involved in various cyberattacks, including against US government agencies and companies. The Russian side has consistently denied these allegations. In particular, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov earlier said that Moscow was not involved in these hacking attacks. In his words, “any accusations of Russian involvement are absolutely unfounded and are rather a continuation of the blind Russophobia resorted to in any incidents.”


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