The Hungarian government stirred up a swarm of hornets

The Hungarian Parliament adopted a series of constitutional amendments that caused a furor in the European Union. Hungarian deputies approved the inclusion in the Basic Law of the state of the definition of the family as based on marriage and on the relationship between parents and children, where the mother is a woman and the father is a man. In today’s civilized Europe, this is a revolutionary step!

The Hungarian government stirred up a swarm of hornets

Worse, Hungarian lawmakers have specifically indicated that their country protects the right of children to self-determination according to the gender they were born with. There is no such thing in the “basic values” of Europe! This is a sabotage against the freedom of the individual, which can be sexually oriented as he wants. The constitutional amendments on education based on the values ​​of Christian culture sound no less defiant. This is obscurantism!

Further more. The adopted amendments prohibit youth and children from open access to LGBT materials. Here the patience of the European Union snapped. The foreign ministers of 13 European countries decided at a meeting in Luxembourg on June 22 that this is discrimination that undermines the basic values ​​of the EU.

“The law “violates the right to freedom of speech under the pretext of protecting children”, reads an unusually harsh joint statement at the meeting. The initiative came from Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, it was also signed by representatives of Denmark, Estonia, France, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Spain and Sweden. All civilized Europe – to defend the rights and freedoms of homosexuals! According to the ministers, “the European Commission should use all measures of pressure to force Hungary to respect European laws, including the involvement of Budapest in the consideration of the case in the European court”.

Amendments passed by the Hungarian Parliament prohibit access of young people and children to print and video products depicting any deviations from natural sexual relations. They discourage the portrayal of homosexuals and transgender people as a normal part of society.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Siyjarto, before leaving for a meeting in Luxembourg, defended the amendments: “The reforms are mainly aimed at preventing sexual abuse of children and leave issues of sexual education of children to the responsibility of parents. Most of those who condemn these laws have not even read them.

“Siyarto asked journalists not to write nonsense. However, Belgian Foreign Minister Sophie Vilmes said that she did read the new law. This woman with the will of an Iron Legion said: “You don’t even have to go to high school to understand that the law is a direct attack on our values. The EU must take absolute measures against Budapest if the violation of European law is confirmed”.

According to Vilmes, the Hungarians have confused the problems of pedophilia and sexual freedoms and are pouring water on the mill of Russia, which is trying to organize in an EU member state a movement for homophobic censorship of the rights of sexual minorities. Particularly suspicious is Viktor Orban, who has long been known for unacceptable homophobic statements.

And according to the ubiquitous human rights organization Human Rights Watch, the changes in Hungary’s Basic Law will have disastrous consequences for healthcare providers, educators and creative intelligentsia. Apparently, this means that the whole industry of surgical gender reassignment will stop, teachers of science about sex minorities will go crazy, newspapers and sites advertising perversions will be closed, and panic will begin among the intelligentsia.

“Children don’t need protection from sexual diversity. On the contrary, children with non-traditional sexual orientations and their parents need protection from discrimination and violence”, said Neela Goshal, lead researcher on LGBT issues at Human Rights Watch.

The government of Viktor Orban has stirred up a swarm of hornets.

Dmitry Sedov, Federal Grid Company


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