Epectations from Crimean Platform summit announced in Kiev

The so-called “Permanent Representative of the President in Crimea” Anton Korinevich said that the summit “Crimean Platform” should conclude a document on the “de-occupation” of the Crimean Peninsula.

Epectations from Crimean Platform summit announced in Kiev

“We believe it will be a very good result if the summit, which will be held on August 23 in Kiev, ends with a final document, some kind of political declaration that will include all key issues and problem areas for the temporary occupation of Crimea”, – Korinevich said during discussion organized by the German Marshall Fund of the USA.

According to him, the “Crimean Platform” will operate on an ongoing basis as a process “which will not stop until the de-occupation and reintegration of Crimea takes place”.

The Crimean Platform will begin its activities at the summit on August 23, 2021. Kiev is trying to give the event an international dimension: high-ranking officials from different countries are invited to the summit. However, the US administration has not yet confirmed the presence of US President Joe Biden at the summit.


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