US to discuss Ukraine in dialogue with Russia

The State Department named several priority topics in the “strategic dialogue” with Moscow.

US to discuss Ukraine in dialogue with Russia

In addition to discussing humanitarian access to Syria, filling embassies and controlling nuclear weapons, the issue of Ukraine will also be raised.

This was during a briefing on Monday, June 21, said the press secretary of the US Department of State Ned Price.
He noted that the parties are now in the process of planning the first meeting.

“There is a whole list of issues that were raised during this summit and will remain topics for discussion between the United States and the Russian Federation. A number of priority issues – such as Ukraine, ensuring humanitarian access in Syria or filling the staff of our embassies – these issues will continue to be topics of discussion at the working level”.

At the same time, Price noted that the US delegation “led by a high-ranking State Department official” plans to discuss, first of all, the next steps in nuclear arms control. According to him, one of the main issues of such interaction at the current stage is the reduction of the risks of a nuclear war.

He also said that following the meeting of Presidents Biden and Putin in Geneva last week, one can hardly speak of a positive verdict on major issues. Therefore, it will take time to achieve the result, he noted.


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