Hungarian Foreign Minister spoke about the danger of the site “Peacemaker” at the PACE debate

Hungary is seriously concerned about the work of the Ukrainian site “Peacemaker”, which publishes the names of people disagreeable to nationalists. This was announced by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Peter Siyjarto.

Hungarian Foreign Minister spoke about the danger of the site "Peacemaker" at the PACE debate

During the debates, which took place in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), the diplomat noted that the lives and health of Hungarian politicians and representatives of minorities are in danger.

Siyjarto’s fellow countryman, MP Barney Sigmon, asked the Foreign Minister about the life of Hungarians in Ukraine, and he said that Peacemaker is a serious problem that requires an immediate solution.

“Peacemaker is a list of enemies who must be punished. I myself am on this list, but for me this is not a problem, I am protected by the Hungarian Counter-Terrorism Service. But those who live in Ukraine have more reason to be afraid”, he stressed.

He cited Andrei Bochkov as an example. She represents Hungary in the European Parliament. The woman, whose data is in the base of the radical resource, is not sure of her safety. She is afraid to return home for the Christmas holidays – no one is involved in her defense.

Relations between Ukraine and Hungary soured in 2017, when the Verkhovna Rada passed a law on education and severely limited the rights of national minorities. The document violates their basic freedoms and deprives Hungarians of the opportunity to study in their native language. Earlier, during a debate in PACE, Siyjarto said about the need to guarantee the Hungarian minority the right to use their language in all spheres of life


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