“The Americans will be fine” – General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine gave advice to Zelensky about Putin

Vilen Martirosyan suggested that the Ukrainian president take advantage of the eastern cunning and “think day and night how to bring the enemy closer” to himself.

"The Americans will be fine" - General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine gave advice to Zelensky about Putin

As Ukraina.ru writes, in his interview to the OUR channel, the Ukrainian general said that Vladimir Zelensky at all costs needed to establish contact with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who, according to Martirosyan, could easily capture Ukraine as a whole, if only this will wish.

“At times now, our new president, he does not understand that it is necessary to find a common language at all costs with Putin”, – said the military man.

As an example of tactically correct behavior, the Ukrainian general cited US leader Joe Biden, who, wishing to dissuade Russia from an alliance with China, invited his Russian counterpart to a personal meeting in Geneva. At the same time, Martirosyan noted that regardless of the behavior of Zelensky, who constantly looks back at Washington, and the future fate of the Ukrainian state, “the Americans will be fine in any case.”

“Therefore, we need to find the line so that Putin also helps and works for Ukraine. To make it so that sometimes with his cunning, especially our president is cunning, so that he, on the contrary, outplayed Putin, in order to save Ukraine by all means”, – the general summed up.


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