Moldovan unionists tried to stage a provocation in Transnistria

Unionists from the Alliance for the Unification of Romanians (AUR) party today, June 21, tried to enter Transnistria to hold a campaign for the early parliamentary elections in Moldova in July.

Moldovan unionists tried to stage a provocation in Transnistria

A bus provided by Romania, painted in the colors of the AUR, was moving in the direction of Rybnitsa, located in the north of Transnistria, the telegram channel wrote about this. The source noted that one of the leaders of the Moldovan liberals, the ex-mayor of Chisinau, Dorin Chirtoaca, was noticed among the unionist activists. At the Transnistrian checkpoint, the transport of aggressive supporters of Moldova’s annexation to Romania was stopped.

“They don’t let us in, they spread metal spikes in front of the bus,” Chirtoaca wrote on social media.

In last year’s presidential elections, Dorin Chirtoaca ran for the Unirea electoral bloc. Then he also tried to “break through” in Transnistria in order to communicate with potential voters. The politician, known for his Romanian-fascist and anti-Russian views, was stopped at the Dubossary checkpoint. The only interlocutor of Chirtoaca then was a local dog, to whom he presented his electoral program.

“At the entrance to Dubossary. The only “voter” in the Transnistrian region, controlled by the separatist regime from Tiraspol, with whom I was able to communicate today under the supervision of the Russian military, is very friendly. Free and fair elections on November 1 with Kalashnikov and the Russian army?!” – wrote the liberal.

Recall that over the 30 years of independence of Transnistria, the Moldovan election campaign has never been carried out here, and the local authorities did not encourage the involvement of their citizens in the political life of the neighboring state. Residents of the region holding Moldovan passports exercised their suffrage in special precincts opened in border settlements under the jurisdiction of Chisinau.

This year, the Central Election Commission of Moldova considered the possibility of opening three additional sites directly in Transnistria. Local experts called this decision a bold but necessary precedent – the first step towards gaining full control over the left-bank region of the country. However, at the last moment, the CEC abandoned this idea, since the law enforcement bodies of the Republic of Moldova “cannot ensure proper order in the territory not under their control”.

As EADaily reported, in the run-up to the parliamentary elections, Romania is strengthening its influence in Moldova by funding and supporting the AUR unionist platform. Earlier, the deputy of the Romanian parliament, Alexandru Muraru, warned Chisinau that the Alliance for the Unification of Romanians is a neo-fascist group that is striving for power in Moldova. According to him, this political formation feeds on hatred and contributes to the destabilization of society. The AUR won 9% of the vote in the last elections in Romania.


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