US says it has handed over financial aid to Kiev in full

US presidential national security adviser Jake Sullivan said on the air of the Fox News TV channel that the White House had transferred all financial assistance to Ukraine

US says it has handed over financial aid to Kiev in full

Earlier, Politico newspaper published a piece saying that the United States had planned to transfer $100m in military aid to Kiev but changed its mind.

Sullivan said that US President Joe Biden “has fulfilled his commitments regarding Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity by sending it the approved security assistance in full”. He said the US had earmarked an additional $100 million for Ukraine, but left it in reserve.

“Congress appropriated $275 million for aid to Ukraine this year, the funds should have been spent by September. It is now June. We have spent these funds for Ukraine in full”, –  Sullivan said.

That said, Sullivan said the United States was seeking a stable relationship with Russia, although he did not imagine it would be friendly.

“Ultimately our goal is a stable, predictable relationship, and while it is impossible to imagine us becoming friends in doing so, we could reduce the risk of escalation that would ultimately harm American interests”, –  the politician said.


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