UN mission intends to hold Libya Political Dialogue Forum in late June

The meeting will be held in Switzerland

UN mission intends to hold Libya Political Dialogue Forum in late June

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) has announced its intention to hold a meeting of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) in late June/early July in Switzerland. The Libyan news portal Afrigatenews reported this on Sunday.

According to it, the UN mission called on the participants of the LPDF to “hold a face-to-face meeting in Switzerland from 28 June to 1 July”. The mission said the meeting “will be an opportunity to develop proposals that will contribute to the national elections in Libya, especially with regard to the constitutional platform for the upcoming vote”.

Prior to the meeting in Switzerland, the UN intends to organise a meeting of the LPDF advisory committee to develop “recommendations and practical mechanisms for decision-making in the forum”. The advisory committee is expected to meet from 24-26 June in Tunis.

In February, the LPDF elected Libya’s prime minister of a single government, Abdel Hamid Dbeiba, and three members of the presidential council in Switzerland. Both bodies were sworn in on 15 March. Their main task is to unify the disparate power structures across the country and to prepare and conduct Libya’s presidential and parliamentary elections on 24 December. The authorities are committed to holding the elections as scheduled.


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