Warsaw publicist says Putin and Biden meeting was a “huge trauma” for Poland

The meeting of the Presidents of Russia and the United States in Geneva was a “huge trauma” for Poland

Warsaw publicist says Putin and Biden meeting was a "huge trauma" for Poland

This opinion was expressed by editor-in-chief of Myśl Polska, Jan Engelhard.

The prominent Polish journalist analyses the behavior of Polish elites who do not know how to react to the meeting of the Russian and American presidents.

“As soon as there is a perspective of some kind of cautious reset in relations between Washington and Moscow, they (Polish elites – EADaily) start sounding the alarm, frightening the Polish public with “Western treachery” and “Moscow’s invasion”. We see the same thing now, after the Biden-Putin summit”, –  he said.

The editorial director believes that Polish politicians do not believe in all this nonsense, but are carefully and disciplined to repeat it in public, so as not to be suspected of dissent.

“Amid such psychosis, combined with the progressive Ukrainisation of Polish foreign policy, the prospect of a Biden-Putin summit was a huge trauma for Polish politicians and the media. The Polish neurosis served as a source of accusations against America, which was explained that it understood nothing and acted foolishly. Talking to Putin? What childish naivety! We are another matter: we know them well, we have centuries of historical experience, and therefore we can say that you cannot talk to the Russians!”

The publicist concludes that with this total intellectual paralysis of the elite, it is impossible to conduct foreign policy in a normal way.

“All that is possible is to pursue a policy of hysteria, sniping, calling for confrontation and preaching, even if it contradicts the reality surrounding us and the real interests of Poland, and to continue living with the certainty that it is August 1939.”


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