Expert: “Putin’s straightforwardness has astonished the Swiss president”

Accustomed, according to Andrei Baklanov, to the duplicity of Western politicians, Guy Parmelin was pleasantly surprised by the openness of the Russian leader

Expert: "Putin's straightforwardness has astonished the Swiss president"

EADaily reported that after his meeting with Vladimir Putin, which took place at the end of the Russian president’s press conference at the end of his summit with Joe Biden on 16 July in La Grange, Switzerland, the president of the Swiss Confederation, Guy Parmelin, spoke warmly and sympathetically about the Russian leader’s directness and frankness.

“Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin talked for five minutes, and I felt immediately that things were going well between them, between them as people… Vladimir Putin is the kind of person who does not beat around the bush. His words are aimed straight to the point. I appreciate this quality”, –  the politician said.

Commenting on the enthusiastic reaction of the Swiss after his meeting with Putin, Andrey Baklanov, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Diplomats Association, said he was not at all surprised by the reaction of Parmelin. According to Baklanov, so far the Swiss President has only had to deal with Western politicians whose hypocrisy and duplicity have long been commonplace. Against this background the Russian leader’s readiness for an honest and open dialogue could not fail to make a favourable impression.

“I think Putin’s straightforwardness so impressed Parmelen”, –  Baklanov said on Radio Sputnik, – “because the Swiss leader has to deal mostly with Western politicians who come there on various occasions. And what Western politicians say often does not coincide with their domestic position. That is, they adjust to not playing a very fair game – in the West this is generally accepted.”

The Russian diplomat also said that on all issues of the international agenda Russia has a clear position, which it never hides.

“There is no foreign policy agenda on which Putin, Russia could not reveal cards – we do not have any secret considerations or selfish motives. Moreover, in Russia, unlike in the United States, there is a consensus among various political forces on foreign policy issues, the approaches on the main lines are the same. And our foreign policy is substantially different from that of the West. That is why Putin always speaks out, expresses the opinion of the nation”, –  said Andrey Baklanov.


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