“Sputnik V” flies to Moldova, there is a lot of Russian vaccine

The first part of the Russian drug was delivered to Moldova in April. This is 182 thousand doses, of which 62 thousand were transferred to Transnistria.

"Sputnik V" flies to Moldova, there is a lot of Russian vaccine

With a request to assist in the fight against the pandemic to Russian President Vladimir Putin sent an appeal to the Speaker of the Moldovan Parliament Socialist Zinaida Grechanaya, and Igor Dodon discussed this issue from the deputy head of the Russian president administration to Dmitry Kozak.

As reported by Eadaily, the leader of the Socialist Party Igor Dodon announced that at the end of this week a new batch of Russian vaccine from Coronavirus “Satellite V will be received in Moldova.

“I know that most of our fellow citizens are looking forward to a new party of the drug, because it is about the “Sputnik V” they constantly ask me during meetings in areas”, – wrote Dodon in social networks.

In the Ministry of Health, the Republic of Moldova noted that while on this score “there is only preliminary verbal confirmation”, and now there are documents with all the information about humanitarian cargo, including the number of doses and the time of arrival. It is worth noting that the President of the Republic of Maja Sanda, fulfilling obligations to European partners, did not fundamentally appeal for help from Moscow. At the same time, the president prevented the authorization of the Russian vaccine, which citizens of Moldova trust more than European and American counterparts.


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