Putin left Geneva with a victory: Western media on the Russia-USA summit

According to authoritative Western publications, Russian President Vladimir Putin emerged victorious after meeting with his American counterpart Joe Biden, the newspaper Vzglyad writes.

Putin left Geneva with a victory: Western media on the Russia-USA summit

The meeting of the Presidents of Russia and the United States, Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, took place in Geneva, not the Villa La Grange. The Russian leader noted that there was no tension in the negotiations. Later, at a press conference, Vladimir Putin summed up the results of the summit.

“The summit gave Putin the opportunity to pause the deterioration of relations between Moscow and Washington, since now the US will be reluctant to impose new economic sanctions. In short, Putin went to Geneva and got exactly what he wanted. He left Switzerland with a huge diplomatic victory, just by showing up at the summit”, – CNN notes.

The Time magazine believes that the Russia-US summit has provided Putin with “the world stage he has been waiting for, given his long-standing desire to have Russia taken seriously as the United States’ main rival.” The Washington Post added that “Biden’s strategy of pessimism promotes progress in relations with Putin”.

“Since expectations from the summit were lowered, the presidents after the meeting came out with a pleasant surprise in the form of progress on a number of issues”, – the newspaper emphasizes.

The National Interest believes that both presidents won the summit. According to the magazine’s experts, the Geneva summit was a good start in bilateral relations between Russia and the United States. The analyst of The Hill adheres to a different view of the negotiations.

“The 46th President looked weak. Then, at the end of his press conference, he became defensive and angry, discussing how he dealt with issues with Putin (who held his press conference almost twice as long, which gave the impression of another easy victory for the Russian leader). And all this in front of the whole world”, – noted in the publication.

According to The New York Post, Biden deliberately refused a joint press conference with Putin in order to avoid a PR disaster.


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