Prospects for further dialogue with the West

Summit leaders in Russia and the USA. RESULTS

Prospects for further dialogue with the West

1. Negotiations were more needed by Americans than us. We have long been accustomed to the sanctions regime, the system entered the mobilization regime and feels in it quite confident. As the case of the Navalny and defeat of the FBK showed, the nuts still eat where to twist, especially if they turn them towards the clouded luxury parties.

2. Americans have a different situation. Biden has an increasing crisis of legitimacy. Until the end of the recalculation of votes in Arizona remains 11 days. Another number of states are ready to launch a similar procedure. In the external circuit of America, China, which is a much more serious threat to the United States than Russia, primarily due to its economic power.

3. If the Americans cannot draw Beijing to military provocation against Taiwan, they will give them the world’s palm of economic championship somewhere by 2030-2035. Accordingly, for them a year goes for two. Death delay like. Therefore, they had to make a choice – whom to leave as a major threat. Apparently, the choice is made in favor of China. So, with Russia, it is necessary if you do not bring bridges, then degrees of confrontation accurately reduce. What has been demonstrated.

4. The strategy of Americans is clear: to reduce degrees of confrontation with Russia, while removing obstacles to the implementation of joint Russian-European economic projects, the most important of which is now the project “Nord Stream-2”, and then hydrogen energy. This will allow you to leave Russia in the geopolitical field of Europe, and not Asia. Accordingly, the chances of the neutrality of Moscow in the future of the American-Chinese conflict are increasing. While this is the maximum that Americans can count on.

5. After negotiations, both leaders were in a positive mood. This suggests that negotiations managed, and each side received its advantages. Apparently, Biden threw a loud, but unnecessary during this level of the meeting of rhetoric, and was extremely concrete, concentrating really at an attempt to solve the accumulated dawns.

6. Obviously, for a number of topics, working groups (strategic stability, cybersecurity, the Middle East) will be formed in the near future (strategic stability, cybersecurity, the Middle East), which should formulate a platform for cooperation to Nov. Decablar. The deputy head of the Russian Foreign Ministry Sergey Ryabkov has already been told: “Moscow hopes to quickly formulate specifics at the beginning of the strategic dialogue with the United States, the first meeting may already go through the coming weeks.”

7. There are topics for which disagreements remain (for example, Belarus). This does not mean that the search for consensus will be stopped. Not. However, it is possible that the solution of such issues will be complex.

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