Geneva: conflicting results

Interpretations of the Geneva summit in America vary: from the success of Biden’s diplomacy to complete surrender to Russia

Geneva: conflicting results

The American president himself is confident that the meeting was held at a good level, without negativity, and the leaders of the two countries managed to have an honest conversation from heart to heart.

Biden’s press conference after the end of the summit was not without traditional scandals. He immediately admitted that he was given a list of “correct” journalists, whose questions could have been previously agreed with his press service. She goes out of her way to minimize the number of reservations of her president.

However, even in such comfortable conditions, Biden did not perform perfectly. At one point, he almost called Putin “President Trump.” And at the end of the briefing, he even sharply snapped at CNN journalists, who tried to condemn him for his “excessively friendly tone” in dealing with Putin.

Biden admitted that he presented the Russian side with a list of 16 critical sectors of the American economy, in respect of which hacker attacks should not be carried out.

This caused a misunderstanding in the camp of the American public: they say, can other industries now be attacked? Are we now just accepting hacker attacks as the “new normal”? And why was it necessary to transfer a list of what is most important to the United States to a potential adversary country?

The American president believes that relations with Russia should be built not from a position of trust, but based on the interests of both countries. Washington will step up cooperation with Moscow in those areas where it is beneficial to the United States. And the beginning of a new cold war with Russia, according to Biden, should not be expected.

To mark some “red lines”, to start a “strategic dialogue” between the two countries – this is the summit in Geneva and will be remembered. But the real winner of this meeting will be chosen by history.

Malek Dudakov


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