G7 summit: it is not U.S., but Russia who was “back”

Everyone watched the Geneva summit with great interest. What is the main conclusion? The promised and long-awaited return has happened!

G7 summit: it is not U.S., but Russia who was “back”

But… it was not the United States that returned (as Europe wanted it), Russia returned in a new imperial form! This is the main conclusion of the meeting of the Russian and American presidents.

Observing the excitement in the political and media spheres going on in the West on the eve of the Geneva meeting, the heightened interest shown by the WHOLE WORLD in the Russian-American summit, I involuntarily resurfaced in my memory long-forgotten childhood impressions of Soviet-American relations. Yesterday I felt what I felt in Soviet times: Moscow and Washington decide the fate of the world.

The Americans in Switzerland have convincingly demonstrated the obvious fact that Russia has regained its political status as a world power. It was the United States that showed everyone that modern Russia has risen to the level of political power of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union! The Western hegemon has unknowingly admitted it publicly!

But… In my opinion, one more nuance is interesting. Watching how American journalists, huddled in a frightened herd, without looking back, with a puff, flew away from the Russian journalists, who asked them their questions on the go; watching how Americans fenced off from Russians with microphones by Swiss police officers and a high fence, I again involuntarily recalled Soviet times.

At that time, representatives of the Soviet press, who were closely guarded by the KGB, behaved this way. They could not freely contact with the free-flowing Western sharks of a feather. Soviet journalists were tightly controlled so that they (God forbid!) did not blurt out something unauthorized, so that they did not reveal some terrible secrets, so that they did not accidentally spill water on the enemy’s mill.

Now in the role of timid Soviet journalists are American ones. Russian reporters turn to them, ask questions, try to lead them into dialogue, and those, turning their backs, silently run without looking back! The owner does not order them to enter into any contact with the terrible Russian enemy! What if they say something wrong ?! What if the Russians are using their words in their hellish “information war” against America and the entire “free world”?!

The “free world” turns away, gritting its teeth, is silent, absurdly runs, hiding behind the backs of the police. The current “free world” feels “free” only behind a high fence with barbed wire!

It looks comical! It is even more comical than the fear of the American delegation in front of Russian journalists, who (obviously in the name of “freedom of speech” in the American way) were not allowed to attend Biden’s press conference. They fear Russian journalists no less than “polite people”!

Andrey Vajra


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