Expert told whose interests Biden represented at the meeting with Putin

The American President Joe Biden at a meeting in Geneva with Russian President Vladimir Putin represented the military and trade interests of not only the United States, but also a number of other countries, political analyst Elieser Jimenez Julio, who collaborates with a number of publications in Spain, Colombia and Switzerland, told RIA Novosti.

Expert told whose interests Biden represented at the meeting with Putin

The meeting between Putin and Biden took place on Wednesday at the Villa La Grange in Geneva. As a result of the summit, one document was adopted – a joint statement of the presidents on strategic stability. In it, the leaders of Russia and the United States reaffirmed their adherence to the principle that there can be no winners in a nuclear war and should never be unleashed. The leaders also agreed on the return of the ambassadors of the two countries, who are in consultations in their capitals. Following the summit, it was announced about the continuation of the dialogue on strategic security and the beginning of the dialogue on cybersecurity.

“Biden came after meeting with NATO in Brussels and with the G7 in London, it’s like reaching an agreement with your military and trading partners to be able to sit down and talk with Putin as the leader of this entire group”, – Julio said.

According to the expert, Biden’s position in negotiations with the Russian leader was not independent – he represented the interests of influential partners in the world.

Despite the decisions of the two leaders to return the ambassadors and explore the issue of prisoner swaps, Jimenez believes that the process of rebuilding relations will take a long time, since it is a question of trust.

“The statement on the return of the ambassadors of both countries to the diplomatic missions indicates the beginning of a difficult process, since building trusting relations between the working groups will take a lot of time”, – the expert added.


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