“A couple of protocol phrases about Ukraine”: Kiev is not happy to meet Putin and Biden

Kiev was extremely unhappy with the meeting between the presidents of Russia and the United States, Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, as the leaders of the two countries devoted very little time to the issue of Ukraine, PolitNavigator reports.

"A couple of protocol phrases about Ukraine": Kiev is not happy to meet Putin and Biden

The meeting between Putin and Biden took place on June 16 in Geneva at the Villa La Grange. The parties discussed strategic stability, trade relations, regional security and cyber security. The Russian leader said that Ukraine was discussed at the meeting, but only superficially.

“Based on how the questions and answers were built, and what both Putin and Biden spoke about at press conferences, and even about the order of those that Biden listed, it becomes clear that if they talked about Ukraine, then a couple of protocol phrases in which there was nothing new”, – said Nikolay Kapitonenko, an expert at the International Center for Advanced Study.

The expert stressed that during the conversation between the presidents of Russia and the United States about regional security, Syria, Afghanistan and Iran were mentioned. In his opinion, this indicates that there is “space for some solutions” in these topics, in contrast to the Ukrainian issue.

“In addition, the Minsk agreements were mentioned at the meeting. And it will be very difficult for us if Zelensky wants to implement his plan B, which is associated with the withdrawal from the Minsk agreements”, – Kapitonenko stressed.


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