Putin summed up the results of the Russia-USA summit

Russian President Vladimir Putin held a press conference following a meeting with his American counterpart Joe Biden in Geneva.

Putin summed up the results of the Russia-USA summit

“The talks with Biden went well. We discussed strategic stability, trade relations, regional security and cyber security”, – Putin said at a press conference.

The President also said that Russia and the United States had agreed to return the ambassadors. In addition, at a meeting with the head of the White House, the issue of Ukraine was considered, but only in passing. Putin stressed that both sides showed a desire to understand each other.

The meeting took place in the Swiss city of Geneva at the Villa La Grange on Wednesday, June 16. The Swiss authorities have decided to close part of the country’s airspace for flights in connection with the Russia-US summit.

The international community has shown great interest in the meeting between Putin and Biden. French President Emmanuel Macron welcomed the summit and stressed that he had always advocated a dialogue with the Russian leader. Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov noted that the Russia-US summit will be an important positive step in relations between the two countries.


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