Israel strikes at Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip

For the first time since the May escalation, the Israeli Air Force attacked several Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip, Reuters reported.

Israel strikes at Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip

It is noted that the Israeli Air Force strikes were carried out on targets located in Gaza and in the city of Khan Younis. The Israel Defense Forces confirmed the information about the strikes and clarified that earlier Molotov cocktails were fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israeli settlements, which led to 20 fires.

“Israel to all scenarios, including rebuilding hostilities in the face of terrorist attacks emanating from Gaza”, – the Defense Army said.

The conflict between Israel and the Gaza Strip escalated on May 10. More than 4.3 thousand rockets were fired from the Palestinian enclave on Israel, 640 of which fell on the territory of the Gaza Strip. As a result of the attacks, 12 Israelis were killed and 50 were seriously injured. The ceasefire came into force on the night of May 21.


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