Luhansk people’s republic: Gunmen fired 52 grenades at Leninske

The official representative of the People’s Militia of the DPR Oleg Nikitin during a briefing reported another violation by the Ukrainian militants

Luhansk people's republic: Gunmen fired 52 grenades at Leninske


“Over the past 24 hours, the Ukrainian militants recorded one violation of the second point of the Package of Additional Measures to Control the Observance of the Ceasefire. In the Mariupol direction, the militants of 128 Independent Mountain Assault Brigade, on the order of Brigadier Goncharuk, from positions near the village of Vodyanoye, fired AGS, RPG, underbarrel grenade launchers and small arms at the village of Leninskoye, firing fifty-two grenades at the village”, – said Nikitin.

In addition, the deployment of five weapons and military equipment, near residential buildings and municipal facilities in the controlled territory is noted. From the 10 OgshbR: two BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles and two armoured fighting vehicles in the residential area of Dyleevka settlement From the 305 OgshbR: one Bukovel-AD REB complex on the eastern outskirts of Starognatovka settlement.

НМ ЛНР: каратели выпустили по н.п. Ленинское 52 гранаты

“The Ukrainian side is also using REB equipment to block the work of the OSCE SMM UAVs. Thus, in order to prevent the detection of prohibited weapons 10, 93 and 128 brigades of the AFU recorded the active use of radio suppression stations of control and navigation channels Bukovel-AD UAV from the mobile groups of 20 and 305 separate battalion REB in the areas of Stepanovka, Chermalyk and Lebedinske”, – stressed in the DPR NM.

Ukrainian militants also continue to mine the controlled territory. DNR intelligence recorded the installation of TM-62 anti-tank mines northeast of Mariupol along a public road.


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