Trump wished “sleepy Joe” Biden not to fall asleep during meeting with Putin

The former US president also asked the American leader to convey his best wishes to the Russian president.

Trump wished "sleepy Joe" Biden not to fall asleep during meeting with Putin

According to TASS, former US President Donald Trump in a sarcastic manner asked the current American leader Joe Biden to convey his best wishes to the head of the Russian state, Vladimir Putin. Trump issued a statement on Thursday.

“Good luck to Biden in interacting with Putin, do not fall asleep at the meeting and please convey my best wishes to him,” the Republican noted, referring in absentia to the incumbent head of the US administration, whom he had previously called “sleepy Joe”.

Putin and Biden are expected to meet on June 16 in Geneva. Trump noted that his meeting with the Russian President in Helsinki in 2018 was “excellent and very productive.” The previous American leader expressed confidence that the United States, contrary to media claims, “won a lot at the summit, including respect for President Putin and Russia”.

Trump also stressed that due to the spread of speculation concerning Russia, “invented and paid for by the Democrats and the crooked Hillary Clinton, the United States was at a disadvantage.” According to the Republican, he “managed to overcome it”.


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