Media: NATO summit will not discuss MAP for Ukraine

The leaders of the NATO countries at the summit in Brussels, which will be held on June 14, do not plan to discuss the timing of Ukraine’s entry into the Alliance, reports TASS.

Media: NATO summit will not discuss MAP for Ukraine

“The issue of MAP for Ukraine is not included in the summit program. Alliance leaders will confirm that the decisions of the Bucharest summit remain in effect, as well as NATO’s commitment to an open door policy and that Ukraine and Georgia have a North Atlantic perspective. The specific terms of accession will depend on the compliance of these countries with all NATO criteria”, – said a TASS source at the NATO mission in one of the European countries.

The source also stressed that the North Atlantic Alliance is defensive and created on the basis of the principle of collective defense, according to which an attack on one of the NATO members is automatically considered an aggression against all allies. Consequently, for Ukraine to join the Alliance, Kiev needs to resolve its territorial conflicts, otherwise NATO risks being on the brink of a military conflict with Russia.

The NATO summit will take place in Brussels on June 14. It will consist of one working session lasting about 2.5 hours, which makes it record-breaking short: NATO summits usually last two days and consist of 3-4 working sessions.


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