Czech Republic calls on NATO to pursue a “policy of intimidation” against Russia

The recommendations approved by the government of the republic for the country’s delegation at the upcoming summit of the Alliance also note the need to maintain a tough position of the bloc in relation to the situation in eastern Ukraine and hybrid threats from the Russian Federation.

Czech Republic calls on NATO to pursue a "policy of intimidation" against Russia

According to EAdaily, the Czech Republic at the upcoming NATO summit in Brussels on June 14 will support the bloc’s efforts to create “at least an elementary level of mutual trust” with Russia.

“NATO at the summit should have confirmed the strengthening of effective defense capability and the policy of intimidation towards the Russian Federation and at the same time confirmed the systematic efforts being developed to prevent the emergence of conflict, create at least an elementary level of mutual trust and strive to find areas of mutual interests in the political and diplomatic spheres”, – says the document, which was prepared by the Chechen government.

The Czech delegation at the NATO summit will include the ministers of defense and foreign affairs of the republic, Lubomir Metnar and Jakub Kulganek. Zeman’s performance is scheduled to last from three to five minutes. The president should focus on the bloc’s development strategy until 2030 and the role of the Czech Republic in its implementation.


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