Two people were detained in Poland and Lithuania on suspicion of spying on Russia

According to the expert, these countries did nothing new. They have been pursuing an anti-Russian policy for a long time.

Two people were detained in Poland and Lithuania on suspicion of spying on Russia

This was stated by the director of the International Institute of the Newest States Alexei Martynov. The deputy of the Latvian parliament Janis Adamsons from the Consent faction and the Polish journalist Janusz N. were suspected of espionage.

“There is nothing new. Latvia and Poland have been suffering from a severe form of Russophobia for a long time. Janis Adamsons is a fairly well-known member of the Social Democratic Party. I have always defended the Russian-speaking population, their rights, because in Latvia the Russian people are considered second class. And this deputy actively and loudly spoke for the rights of Russians in the country, and today he is accused of espionage. It is not surprising”, – the political scientist said.

Alexey Martynov explained that the secret services of Latvia and Poland are at a low level. In Poland, according to the expert, the real special services have long been destroyed, now they are staffed with friends and acquaintances of the president.

“In Poland, the special services are run by the friends of the youth and childhood of President Andrzej Duda. As you know, Andrzej Duda spent his youth in ultra-nationalist organizations, which were later banned. Now they are formally also prohibited, but for obvious reasons they are not particularly affected”, – Martynov said.

Last year, the head of the Polish secret service, Piotr Pogonovsky, was fired. During his work, the country’s special services came up with a form of confirmation of their usefulness: they constantly revealed various Russian conspiracies. The expert recalled the story with the political scientist Mateusz Piskorski, who advocated a dialogue with Russia.

“Our colleague Mateusz Piskorski spent three years in prison without trial or investigation just because he had the audacity to be the leader of a non-parliamentary party and oppose the construction of NATO bases in Poland, rightly pointing out that Poland would become a target for a retaliatory strike from Russia”, – said the political scientist.

Alexei Martynov noted that the only thing that draws attention to these events is the upcoming US-Russian summit in Geneva.


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