Daily Express: EU unhappy with Biden’s upcoming meeting with Putin

The European Union was furious over the fact that Washington did not inform it about the upcoming Russia-US summit, the Daily Express newspaper writes.

Daily Express: EU unhappy with Biden's upcoming meeting with Putin

This week, US President Joe Biden will meet with Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Geneva. This will mark the first personal meeting of the presidents since Biden took office. According to newspaper sources, Biden’s decision angered Brussels.

“They did not inform us that they were going to announce a summit with Putin”, – an EU official told the Daily Express newspaper.

Also, some representatives of the European Union complained that they were not warned about Biden’s decision to completely withdraw troops from Afghanistan by 9/11. One of the European officials lamented in an interview with Politico that even “four months after his inauguration, the 78-year-old US president has not yet appointed an American ambassador to the European Union”.

According to the Senator of the Russian Federation Alexei Pushkov, the talks between Putin and Biden, which will take place in Geneva on June 16, will be held in a tense atmosphere.


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