Biden’s clause insulted British military

US President Joe Biden, during a speech to the US military at Mildenhall in the UK, made a mistake in his welcoming speech, which the British media considered an oversight and tactlessness.

Biden's clause insulted British military

When referring to close cooperation between the armies of the United States and Great Britain, Biden mispronounced the acronym “Royal Air Force”. Instead of “RAF,” the American leader said “RFA”. The transcript of his speech was published on the official website of the White House with the incorrect version crossed out and the correction in brackets.

Biden’s “RFA” may, depending on the context, be translated as an abbreviation for “Royal Navy Auxiliary” or an acronym for foul language.

This is not the first time Biden has erred in his words. So, for example, in a speech on the fight against coronavirus and vaccination, the president confused the number of months that have passed since the beginning of the year. Biden also confused the words “escalation” and “vaccination” and mispronounced the name of President Vladimir Putin.