US pledges to closely monitor Russian-Belarusian exercises

The United States will closely follow the Russian-Belarusian exercises “West” in order to understand how many Russian troops will remain in the republic after that, said the appointed US Ambassador to Belarus Julie Fisher.

US pledges to closely monitor Russian-Belarusian exercises

“We are watching closely to see how this exercise unfolds. What military and equipment will go to Belarus and how much will leave”, – Fischer said at a hearing at the US Senate International Committee.

She noted that NATO is also closely monitoring the exercises “West”, such monitoring will continue.

When asked if she could confirm that Russia had asked for another military base in Belarus, Fischer said she could not confirm such information.

At the same time, Fischer believes that President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has found himself in a position in which he cannot decide what Russia will do in Belarus militarily.

“It is Lukashenko’s desire to increase his dependence on Russia in any area”, – Fischer said.


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